Art Education

At Bethany School, Art isn’t just a class… It’s an adventure!

Every day that students come to art is another day to grow, think, learn, explore, discuss, and create.  The art classroom experience intertwines the elements of art and the art standards with a theme that challenges students to draw on prior knowledge and personal experience in order to solve visual art problems.  We aim to provide an artistically enriched educational environment that motivates student learning, maintains high student achievement, enhances instruction for all students, bridges cultural and social differences, and promotes students to be come life-long learners.

Our students are fortunate to have two 45 minute art periods a week.

Our art projects are based on what comes naturally to children; exploration and imagination!  Your child will be exposed to a variety of materials and techniques (paint, clay, ink, sculpture, printmaking, design, etc.).  Art enables us to perceive, interpret, and evaluate life experiences in a way unique to each of us.  We explore the art of famous artists through books, powerpoints, websites, apps on our iPads, and art making.  Art will be one more tool your child can use to problem solve, share ideas, and express themselves.

21st Century Skills
We use an ACTIVBoard in the Art Room.  It allows the students and the art teacher to interactively use already created whiteboard art lessons as well as create our own interactive lessons and projects. We also have iPads in the art room.  We use these in a variety of ways; research, sketching, apps, and creating digital art.  We can even go on a virtual Art Museum field trip without leaving our room! The possibilities for using this new technology are endless!