Computer Lab

The Bethany School Computer Lab is a state of the art classroom.  The lab is always up-to-date with new Apple Macintosh computers purchased every three years.  Our goal is for students to become comfortable and at ease using technology to enhance all aspects of their lives.  Skills and concepts that students learn in the lab can be used in academic classes or at home no matter which computer system is being used.  Teachers collaborate across the disciplines to make lessons pertinent and exciting.

By the end of eighth grade year, students will have experience using the following software or hardware systems:

Office Applications: Word processing, Page layout, Presentations, Spreadsheets

  • Keyboarding
Website design and HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
  • Programming: Basic and Java
  • Mutimedia software: video and photo editing, music creation, animation
  • Digital camera, Camcorder, scanner
  • Digital yearbook