Problem Solving Lab

Problem Solving Lab is offered to small groups of students in kindergarten through third grade.  At the heart of Problem Solving Lab is student-centered excitement and open-ended Investigation.  Imagine a group of seven students going eagerly from one activity to another using key skills and concepts in math which are Integrated into other subject areas.  The lively Interactions and sense of achievement lead to student questions such as “Are we really doing math?” and “Can we do this again soon?”

Students apply skills set forth by the National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics such as:

  • formulating problems from everyday mathematical situations to solve a wide variety of problems
  • relating physical materials, pictures, and diagrams to mathematical ideas
  • using mathematics in other curricular areas
  • using mathematics in their daily lives
  • applying estimation in working with quantities, measurement, computation, and problem solving
  • developing a number sense
  • interpreting the multiple uses of numbers encountered in the real world
  • constructing number meanings through real-world experiences and the use of physical materials
  • developing spatial sense
  • recognizing and appreciating geometry in their world
  • making and using estimates of measurement
  • collecting, describing, and organizing data