At Bethany School our goal is to cultivate the love of learning a foreign language through games, songs, and interaction between the students.  The Spanish department sees in each student the potential for learning Spanish and believes that it will be most valuable for the students to begin this endeavor at a young age.  Kindergarten through sixth grade students have two Spanish classes weekly, studying the language from a cultural perspective.  The students participate in various activities that expose them to the culture and the language very naturally.

At the seventh and eighth grade levels, Spanish is considered an academic course.  It includes both spoken and written components, grammar, reading, and a simple study of the culture and geography.  The two year sequence yields an equivalent to Spanish I at the high school level.

Spanish classes include:

Exposure to the traditions and cultures of various Spanish countries through stories and crafts

  • Learning everyday phrases
  • Sampling different foods
  • Grammar drills through skits, games, and songs
  • Application of grammar through creating dialogues and writing paragraphs
  • The use of laptop computers for visual and audio stimulation