Middle School 4-6: At a Glance

Individual Attention

  • Average Class Size: 12
  • Student/Faculty Ratio: 4:1
  • Learner Support opportunities

Involved in Projects and Inquiry Based Activities

  • Invention Convention
  • Creating ecosystems
  • Research papers at each grade level
  • Biomes across the world
  • Character Wax Museum
  • Myth Plays
  • Creative Writing
  • Science lab experiences

Investigating Cross Curricular Connections

  • Spring Grove Cemetery – blends art,
    science, and social studies curricula
  • Pyramid Hill – blends art and poetry units
  • LaBoiteaux Woods – teaches survival skills within the context of My Side of the Mountain
  • Designing t-shirt logos in Computer class to
    reinforce fitness goals in Physical
    Fitness class
  • Creating illustrated mythology poetry in
    Computer class
  • Social Studies blends with music of the
    Renaissance, Egyptians, and Native

International Experiences

  • Three week exchange program through
    ISSE (International School to School
  • Spanish language classes twice a week
  • World Cultures Studies in Social Studies and
    Christian Education classes include visits
    to a Synagogue, Mosque, Hindu Temple,
    Greek Orthodox Church, and a Cathedral.
  • International Week activities celebrate
    the cultures of our students
  • Focus on World Geography in 5th grade

Intriguing Field Trips

  • COSI overnight
  • Mammoth Cave overnight
  • River Ecology
  • Ohio History emphasized throughoutMiddle School
    > Carrillon Park
    > the Ohio Statehouse
    > Fort Ancient Memorial
    > Paul Laurence Dunbar House
    > Wright-Dunbar Visitor Center
  • Toyota Factory Tour
  • Museum Center
  • The Observatory
  • Cincinnati Art Museum
  • Freedom Center
  • Matthew 25: Ministries

Invigorate with Movement

  • canoeing on the Little Miami River
  • biking at Miami Whitewater Park
  • river ecology field trip at Little Miami

Inspiring with Leadership

  • Student Council Representatives
  • Ohio Association of Student Council Workshops
  • Open House Ambassadors
  • Plan and teach a grammar lesson to fellow
  • Leading Group Projects