Criteria for Admission

Who Does Bethany School Accept for Admission?


We Select Students Who Have…


• average to above average ability as measured on the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test
• achievement in the average range as measured on the Stanford 10 Achievement Test
• the ability to learn in the Bethany School environment
• the ability to handle the academic program
• a positive attitude toward learning
• a positive social interaction with the Bethany students
• an enthusiasm for coming to Bethany School


How Do We Determine if Your Child is Right For Bethany School?

• Each applicant is asked to come in for an interview and to be tested.
• Records from the child’s current school including academic, social, and behavioral evaluations from the principals and teachers of those schools are used as part of the evaluation process.
• Students applying to grades 2 through 8 will spend a school day visiting (shadowing) in a Bethany classroom.  The visit should help both the student and Bethany School determine if this is a good fit.


What Happens after the Screening and Shadowing?

• An Admissions committee comprised of school administrators and other staff members meet to determine if the applicant meets the criteria for acceptance.  The goal is to ensure that the best interests of the child and Bethany School are served.


Admission will be granted to applicants, after reviewing all available information, on the basis of the following factors:

• siblings of current Bethany students will be given priority
• available space at the given grade level
• the reasonable expectation that the applicant will be successful at Bethany School
• diversity and gender balance of the grade level in question
• appropriateness of the match between the family and the school