Snow and Cold Weather Policy
Written by Bethany

The cold weather is upon us! Since the students travel between buildings throughout the day and have outdoor recess (as long as it’s not raining and the the temperatures are above 20 degrees), please be sure to send them with appropriate outdoor attire; coats, hats, gloves (boots may be worn between November 15 and March 15)

In the event that roads are questionable early in the morning, but will likely improve quickly, Bethany School may operate on a 2-hour delay. It is our hope that this plan may help us to avoid the  circumstance where we’d have to make up days by attending on scheduled holidays or at the end of the school year.  If a 2-hour delay is announced, students may arrive at school any time after 9:30 A.M.

Classes will begin at 10:00 and operate on a 30-minute rotation, instead of the regular 45-minute classes. Students will be asked to bring their lunch to school, and they will eat in their classrooms.  A delayed start for Bethany School will not be considered if any of the buses, which provide service to Bethany students, are operating on a regular schedule. This means that students who typically use buses for transportation to school will still be able to do so.

If Bethany School does open for the day, we will remain open all day, and we will have Latchkey as normal. There are times when a local school district will close early and will send their buses to pick up the students from their district early. In those cases, we will contact the parents of each student to find out if that student is permitted to ride the bus home. If we cannot reach a parent for a K-6 student, we will not allow the student to ride the bus home. Any parents who are concerned about the conditions should feel free to keep their child home for the day or pick up their child early. You know best the circumstances particular to your given situation.

School closings and delayed start information will be communicated to all families through Power Announcement, on the local television channels 5 and 12, on the school website, and on the school voicemail message.

Please understand that it is our goal to have school in session every day that is reasonable and safe. Decisions are always based on conditions in the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the school. Parents should always make decisions on sending their children to school based on their own circumstances.

*Please Note: Decisions regarding late starts or closures are made independently of any of the school districts. Though we are in the Princeton District, do not follow the information regarding Princeton. You will find us listed as Bethany School on the television stations’ broadcasts and websites.