Carline Procedures


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General Information


~A speed limit of 10 miles per hour or less must be maintained in the school driveway at all times.

~In order to ensure the safety of all students, drivers are asked to refrain from using cell phones while navigating the carline.

~Passing cars in the carline is not allowed, unless the driver is specifically directed to do so by the staff person on duty.

~Morning carline runs from 7:00-7:55, with a total of 70-75 parent cars; the majority of the cars arrive between 7:40 and 7:55.

~A typical afternoon carline has about 65-70 parent cars, all of which are picking up students who are dismissed from school at 2:50.

~The line for afternoon carline starts developing around 2:30, but loading cannot begin until dismissal time, which is 2:50.

~Whereas students are all dismissed at 2:50, they arrive at their loading area at varying times.

~For afternoon dismissal, a standing area is available for cars that are waiting for students; stopping in the standing zone presumes that the driver will remain with the vehicle.

~Please abide by any directives given by the staff on duty, in order to keep the carline running smoothly with the safety of the students as the first priority.

~Some delays are to be expected with the carline procedure. For those circumstances when a delay will be problematic, drivers are encouraged to park on a neighboring street or in one of the parking lots and walk to the loading area to collect the students.

Morning Carline Procedures

 Right Lane

Cars that are only dropping off students to enter the St. Faith building should use the right lane of carline. Students in grades 6-8 are dropped off at St. Faith from 7:30-7:55; students in grades 4-8 are dropped off at St. Faith after 7:55.

Students should exit their cars from the passenger side only (the right side of the car).

Care should be used in passing the cars in the left lane which will be stopping to drop off younger students at the crosswalk area and the dining room.

Care should also be used in merging with the left lane traffic at the library/St. Faith crosswalk.

(Please note that 6th-8th graders who arrive at school prior to 7:30 a.m. will be dropped off at the dining room building.)

Left Lane

Only cars that are dropping off students at the dining room or the Bethel crosswalk will use the left lane of the carline. This includes all students in grades K-5. (The exception is that 4th and 5th graders should go directly to St. Faith after 7:55).

To ensure the safety of all, students should exit their car only from the driver’s side (the left side of the car).

Students may exit from stopped vehicles at any point in the area between the Bethel crosswalk and the dining room. Moving forward as far as possible toward the Bethel crosswalk drop-off will allow for many cars to unload simultaneously and keep the carline moving smoothly with minimal delays.

The goal is to maintain the flow of carline. Encouraging students to have their materials ready will help in this effort. If circumstances are such that drop off will be delayed on any given day, individuals are encouraged to park in the lot and walk with students to the drop off area.

Care should be used in merging with the continuous flow of traffic in the right lane at the library/St. Faith crosswalk.

Afternoon Carline Procedures

In an effort to reduce the congestion of afternoon carline, the students are assigned to 4 distinct loading areas. All students in a carpool should gather in the same area, so that cars only have to stop to load children once.

 Loading Zones

1.) Hedgerow Lane: carpools with students in grades 4-8 ONLY
2.) Library/St. Faith crosswalk: A-E names (carpools that have any students in 1-3 and 4th-8th grade students who ride in these carpools)
3.) Bethel crosswalk: F-S names (carpools that have any students in 1-3 and 4th-8th grade students who ride in these carpools)
4.) Dining room/kindergarten drive: all carpools that have a kindergarten student; T-Z names (carpools that have any students in 1-3 and 4th-8th grade students who ride in these carpools)

 Right Lane

In the afternoon, the right lane of carline will be used for standing (stopping the car to wait for students, but remaining with it). This is available for cars waiting for students beginning at 2:30.

Cars stopping in the right lane will remain in place until the students are delivered to them by a supervising teacher. To ensure the safety of all, students should not cross over the left lane to get to their car without supervision.

Passing loading cars via the right lane will not be allowed, in order to ensure the safety of all students.

 Left Lane

Prior to school dismissal at 2:50, the left lane should remain unobstructed to maintain the continual flow of traffic from the convent parking, the maintenance drive, or from the main carline (where possible).

Beginning at dismissal time, the left lane will be used for loading students into vehicles. Wherever possible, students should enter from the left side of the car.

 Hedgerow Lane

Vehicles should enter Hedgerow Lane via the main school driveway. At no time should the driveways of the residents on Hedgerow be used to turn around.

The loading area is directly in front of St. Faith (up to the fire hydrant).

Cars waiting for students must be in a parking spot on the right side of the street and beyond the fire hydrant. Stopping in an area that is not directly alongside the curb cannot be allowed.

Wherever possible, students should enter from the right side of the car.
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