Students may pack their own lunches or purchase lunch.  Every student is issued an id card which can be used for “charging” their lunches so they do not need to carry cash each day.  Parents can add money to their lunch account at any time.  Lunch statements are sent home once a month indicating the current balance on the account.  Negative lunch balances indicate payment is due.

A-Day Lunch Times:
Kindergarten – 10:45 to 11:10
First and Second Grades – 11:15 to 11:37
Third and Fourth Grades – 11:37 to 12:00
Fifth and Sixth Grades – 12:00 to 12:22
Seventh and Eighth Grades – 12:22 to 12:45

B-Day Lunch Times:
Kindergarten – 11:27 to 11:45
First and Second Grades – 11:45 to 12:03
Third and Fourth Grades – 12:04-12:22
Fifth and Sixth Grades – 12:22-12:40
Seventh and Eighth Grades – 12:41 to 12:59

C-Day Lunch Times:
Kindergarten – 10:25 to 10:43
First and Second Grades – 10:43 to 11:01
Third and Fourth Grades – 11:02 to 11:20
Fifth and Sixth Grades – 11:20 to 11:38
Seventh and Eighth Grades – 11:39 to 11:57

For our current lunch menu and prices, click below:

May Lunch Menu 2019

April Lunch Menu 2019

Lunch Items and Prices

Lunch Times and Options

Lunchroom Warmups – CHANGE Beginning August 2018

Due to Health Department policy, we will no longer be able to allow students in grades K – 4 to bring items to be warmed up for lunch.  In the past, these items were dropped off in the dining room in the morning to be heated up by lunchroom personnel prior to the child’s lunch period.  However, Health Department policy does not permit us to use our refrigerators for items brought in from the outside, and they will no longer allow us to leave items sit out.  Though some items may not require refrigeration, our lunchroom personnel will no longer provide the warmup service at all, and for safety reasons, students in grades K-4 are not permitted to use the microwaves at school, themselves.

Grade 5-8 students will continue to be able to bring warmup items as they can keep them in their lunchboxes with a cold pack, if necessary.  They will heat their own items in the microwaves during their lunch periods.

Please Note: lunchroom warmups should be items that students “warm up”, and they should come in their own microwaveable containers (we do not provide bowls, plates, etc).  The intent is to heat up leftovers or items which are better eaten warm. Students may not bring in items which need to be “cooked”.  These take far too much time and often have multiple steps.  With a very short lunch period and many students who need the microwaves, heating times must be short. Therefore,  we ask students not to bring in items which need to be cooked (such as macaroni and cheese cups, ramen noodles, microwaveable meals, popcorn, etc). We understand these items are convenient to send, however,  time is too limited. We appreciate your understanding.