Stock Market Game – Gr 4-6

Stock Market

October – December


3:00 – 4:00
Optional Polo Shirt – $17.00
Max Capacity
18 students
5th Grade Classrooms


Would you know what would you do if you had $100,000?  Would you hide it under your mattress?  Spend it?  Bank it?  Would you like to learn how to invest it to make it grow?  Would you know where to begin?  Most people wouldn’t know where to start, and it’s never too early to learn.  Through The Stock Market Game (SMG), you learn the fundamentals of investing and how to make your money work for you.


The Stock Market Game gives you real-world situations where you can practice the skills you’re taught in a variety of school subjects including math, economics, and social studies.  It also will help you develop positive money habits!  Our stock market teams learn how to invest their money and compete against other schools to see how well they’ve managed their portfolios.

Who is Eligible?

Any student who is interested in learning about the stock market and investing

Registration Process

A registration form must be submitted along with the registration fee prior to participating.  Registration forms become available shortly before each session begins.

Registration Deadline

First day of class or once the maximum capacity is reached.


Teri Mauntel 771-7462 ext 104 or


Students are asked to bring a healthy snack.  Students who attend Latchkey afterward may get a snack from the dining room.