Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff can be reached by phone by dialing 513-771-7462 and their extension.  Those in administration can be reached directly.  Calls to all other extensions will go to voicemail.  If you need to speak to a teacher, call the office at ext. 100 to be connected.

Administration and Staff
Name Position Phone Extension Email Address
David Gould Head of School 102 gould@bethanyschool.org
Joe Snavely School Chaplain 124 snavely@bethanyschool.org
Marvin Lane Dean of Student Life 104 lane@bethanyschool.org
Jenni Wallen Dean of Academics 107 wallen@bethanyschool.org
Sharon Shumard Director of Advancement 109 shumard@bethanyschool.org
Michelle Hook Director of Business 103 hook@bethanyschool.org
Jade Jacob Business Office 110 jacob@bethanyschool.org
Jenny Meiners Business Office 111 meiners@bethanyschool.org
Margie Kessler Office Manager 100 kessler@bethanyschool.org
Front Office Staff Margie, Patti, Krista 0 office@bethanyschool.org
Patti Herzner Lunch Services 101 herzner@bethanyschool.org
Krista Lands Nurse 106 lands@bethanyschool.org
Donna Day Technical Director 140 day@bethanyschool.org

Lower School Teachers
Name Position Phone Extension Email Address
Heather Arredondo Kindergarten Teacher 119 arredondo@bethanyschool.org
Karen Gately Kindergarten Teacher 117 gately@bethanyschool.org
Sharon Brooks Kdg Aide & Extended Day 117 brooks@bethanyschool.org
Melissa Lindley Kdg Aide & Extended Day 119 lindley@bethanyschool.org
Molly Brownley 1st Grade Teacher 148 brownley@bethanyschool.org
Kelly Tedesco 1st Grade Teacher 147 tedesco@bethanyschool.org
Angela Bell 2nd Grade Teacher 150 bell@bethanyschool.org
Jessica Seifert 2nd Grade Teacher 149 seifert@bethanyschool.org

Middle School Teachers
Name Position Phone Extension Email Address
Donna Hobson 3rd Grade Teacher 119 hobson@bethanyschool.org
Mackenzie Dooley 3rd Grade Teacher 118 dooley@bethanyschool.org
Emily Huff 4th Grade Teacher 135 huff@bethanyschool.org
Stephen Imwalle 4th Grade Teacher 134 imwalle@bethanyschool.org
Kim Cooper 5th Grade Teacher 133 cooper@bethanyschool.org
Jon Reardon 5th Grade Teacher 136 reardon@bethanyschool.org

Upper School Teachers
Name Position Phone Extension Email Address
Angela Achor Grades 6-8 Math 138 achor@bethanyschool.org
Marla Brunsman Grade 7th Health 144 brunsman@bethanyschool.org
Clyde Chapman Grades 7-8 History, Gr 7 Economics, Gr 8 Geography, Gr 6 Religion 121 chapman@bethanyschool.org
Sarah Dorger Grades 7-8 English/Language Arts 129 dorger@bethanyschool.org
Michelle Mellea Gr 6 plus Gr 7 Science 131 mellea@bethanyschool.org
Michelle Rodenberg Grades 6-8 Math & Gr 8 Science 130 rodenberg@bethanyschool.org
Sharon Simon 6th Grade Teacher 128 simon@bethanyschool.org

Special Area Teachers
Name Position Phone Extension Email Address
Lisa Bertke Geometry,  Gr 4-8 Learner Support 120 bertke@bethanyschool.org
Melinda Boyd Librarian, Character Education, Gr 7 Religion 141 boyd@bethanyschool.org
Scott Bruce Grades K-4 Computer Education 142 bruce@bethanyschool.org
Marla Brunsman Grades 2-8 Physical Education 144 brunsman@bethanyschool.org
Gale Bush Grades 1-3 Reading & 1-3 Reading Support 122 bush@bethanyschool.org
Karen Fletcher Grades K-4 Spanish, Grade 4 Religion 117 fletcher@bethanyschool.org
Jason LaValle Grades 5-8 Computer Education lavalle@bethanyschool.org
Julisa Schlabach Grades 5-8 Spanish 123 schlabach@bethanyschool.org
Sister Carina Grades 2-3 Religion carina@bethanyschool.org
Sister Lynn Kdg Religion lynn@bethanyschool.org
Joe Snavely Grades 1,5,8 Religion  124 snavely@bethanyschool.org
Shannon Treier Grades 1-8 Art 113 treier@bethanyschool.org
Kristen West Kdg Art, Music, Gym; Grade 1 Gym; Grades 7-8 Quest 114 west@bethanyschool.org
Christopher Wheeler Grades 1-8 Music 146 wheeler@bethanyschool.org