Greetings!  Welcome to the Bethany School website.  Whether you know us well or are just discovering us for the first time, perusing our website will help you to see what makes us special, what sets us apart from other schools, and what it means to be a part of the Bethany community.

One of the greatest attributes of Bethany School is the small size.  Our total enrollment ranges between 230 and 250 students, which is a perfect size for everyone to know each other.  We have two classes at each grade level, with a maximum of 15 in each class.  When we gather as a whole school every Monday morning for our assembly, everyone knows each other.  Students and adults alike speak of Bethany as feeling like “family”.  While that concept is hard to understand from the outside, people who experience it realize how comforting it really is.

Another special feature of Bethany School is the campus environment.  Eleven separate buildings make up our campus, and they are situated on 23 acres.  Throughout the course of any school day, students travel between buildings going to and from classrooms, the art room, the dining room, the gym, the chapel, and the music room.  This campus setting is positive for many reasons, as it allows the children to regularly get a bit of exercise, to be outside and have a breath of fresh air, to have appropriate time to socialize, and to have some down time so they are better able to focus when they get to their next class.  Most importantly, it is a very lovely and peaceful setting.

Bethany School is well known for academic excellence, which is part of our mission statement, and one of our 5 core values.  A number of factors are in place that make this a reality.  First and foremost is our faculty and staff.  A more dedicated and caring group of professionals cannot be found, from the academic teachers to the lunchroom staff, to the office personnel.  Another feature is the small class sizes.  With a maximum of just 15 students in a class, the teachers really know each child.  There are also programs in place to offer even more individualized attention, making it possible to extend and enrich the students or offer extra support as is necessary.

Another defining feature of Bethany School is the diversity, which is apparent in many areas, including ethnicity, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic level.  Our diversity is not seen just within the student body, but among the faculty and staff as well.  What this provides is a real- world situation and the opportunity for children to know and understand people who are not just like them.  We not only recognize our differences, but hold them up and appreciate them.

With this website we’ve done our best to give visitors a glimpse of Bethany School, but realize that it is with limitations.  We can report outstanding test scores and high school scholarships, we can explain that the Christian environment is the underlying force driving the school mission and vision; we can describe the family atmosphere, the appreciation of diversity, the attention to character values.  But until you actually walk the beautiful grounds, until you talk with members of the faculty and staff, until you see the faces of the children in the classrooms, in the chapel, with their teachers and their friends, you will not truly appreciate all that Bethany School has to offer.

Please accept my invitation to personally visit the school, to sense and experience all that is Bethany.

Cheryl L. Pez
Head of School