Culture Classes

The Bethany family is both remarkable and special.  Represented are families from many and diverse backgrounds and cultures, providing an opportunity for students to develop an understanding and an appreciation of people who are different from themselves.  Our cultural classes are offered to our kindergarten through third grades.  These are introductory classes covering a different country each year (some of the countries we’ve explored are China, Costa Rica, India, Japan, Peru, Spain, and Thailand).  Culture Classes are designed to give students a broad overview of the cultures of these countries.

The goal is to introduce students to marvelous aspects of these rich cultures by exposing them to :

  • music
  • dance
  • language
  • food
  • religion
  • architecture
  • and arts and crafts of these unique and amazing lands

We hope to open our students’ eyes to the wonderful world we live in and to our brothers and sisters from other lands who have so much to share with us.  We want our children to view the world as a large family and to be enthusiastic about learning new things and exploring far away places.