Music Education

The music program at Bethany School strives to prepare its students to be musically aware, knowledgeable, literate, and Involved – preparing them to be lifelong participants, learners, and supporters of music.  In class, students are encouraged and enabled to express themselves musically and respond to music made by others.  The goals of the Bethany Music Program include providing a strong foundation in music literacy, theory, history, performance, and appreciation appropriate to each grade level.  Students achieve these musical goals through singing, rhythm activities, creative movement, playing instruments, and listening activities.

Concerts are held each year to showcase the musical skills our students have developed.  The first is the very meaningful Lessons and Carols program, held each December, which Involves a Christmas celebration of Bible lessons and songs, and the second is the annual Spring Concert held in the April or May.

Beyond the classroom Instruction, we offer additional opportunities for students to take part in musical extracurricular activities including Instrumental lessons, Bethany Singers, and Handbells.

For details on the Music Curriculum, click the link below.

Music Curriculum