Lower School K – 2: In Depth


Fostering each child’s intellectual curiosity and a love of learning to feed that curiosity provides the start for a strong academic foundation in Lower School.  At Bethany, Lower School comprises grades K-1-2.  The day-to-day program is child-oriented and personalized because teachers know that each student enters with a different background and knowledge base.

Professional and caring teachers, along with current texts, teaching materials and technology, yield an academic and spiritual environment in which each student attains basic skills, emotional well-being, a sense of personal responsibility, and physical and social development.

A variety of hands on experiences and field trips helps our Lower School students foster their desire to discover and use their senses.  Their thinking is nurtured to move beyond discovery to critical thinking and the ability to explain their thinking to others.  Learning to read transitions into reading to learn.  Students begin moving away from learning everything from their teacher to becoming excited about their own abilities to develop their knowledge.  They become more independent in managing their homework and daily activities in preparation for their transition to Middle School.

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1st Grade

2nd Grade