Middle School 3 – 5: In Depth

Becoming an independent learner within Bethany’s Middle School community is inspired through teacher and student recognition of their achievements, gifts, and interests.  Students are challenged and mentored to think more deeply about content, to develop and support their own opinions, to monitor their own learning process, to strive to create their best work, to actively engage their character to recognize the talents and gifts of others, and to celebrate their own uniqueness.

In Middle School, the growing academic depth and rigor prepares our students both for Bethany Upper School and their high school of choice.  Bethany School recognizes that each child learns in their own unique way; each teacher and classroom is designed to support and inspire student learning.  This academic growth is constructed through engaging texts, frequent discussions, writing opportunities, research papers, hands-on lab and classroom activities, independent and collaborative projects, relevant field trips, and cross curricular projects that partner with special area faculty.

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