All I can say is my years at Bethany literally changed my life forever. I graduated in 1966. At that time my neighborhood and family were what we might now call racist. There was a girl in my class from a mixed race family. She was the first person of color that I’d ever met. My mother wouldn’t let her into the house because “what would the neighbors think?”. She was one of my closest friends and I was horrified. The fact that the Sisters were working in Lincoln Heights for all those years , as well (I think) of giving scholarships to students from Lincoln Heights made a huge difference in my thinking and it has stayed with me forever.  PLEASE keep up your work with diversity. Bethany and its message are one of the most important gifts that you and the Sisters can give for the benefit of this country and the world. It is important and it is GOOD. Blessings. – Sister Teresa Irene OCD (Irene Forbes Perkins)

“Bethany was by far my favorite school I attended.  The educators at Bethany had a major impact on my life.  They inspired me to become a teacher myself.  Thank you for everything.”  – Casey (Ellenberger) Province, Class of 2002

For those in Cincinnati with young children, this is where both Mikaela and Mikenzi went to grade school. We absolutely loved our experience there. Bethany School is one of the most diverse private schools in Cincinnati with the benefit of great teacher to student ratios. It is a feeder school for all of the area high schools, public and private. And, they just did a complete redesign of the entire campus with new buildings for all grade levels. I would strongly encourage you to take a tour and see what Bethany has to offer. The campus is simply impressive. Lela Coffey – Alumnae parent

“Wow!  Thank you so much!  It’s one thing to talk about Bethany, but an entirely different thing when you actually visit the campus and meet the staff and other students.  My friend now knows what I have been talking about all along.  She was totally impressed and fell in love with the atmosphere.  The Student Ambassadors did an excellent job.  She is very excited to pursue the application process.”  – Joyce Merritt, Former Bethany Parent

“I think as the years pass, I look back at what a great foundation I’ve had in my education and upbringing, and I realize more and more how privileged (and sometimes sheltered) that experience was.  I can’t say it was all perfect, but I also don’t know many people who can say they had problem solving labs and writing workshops in grade school; or the opportunity to get so many other kinds of enrichment — computer classes in the 1980’s and 90’s, international exchanges, school house symphony, zoo animals at school, hearing the stories of people with disabilities, etc.  I think underlying all of that was the emphasis at Bethany on character education and creating the foundation for principled adults with an orientation towards curiosity and lifelong learning, not just educated/skilled adults who would be prepared for the workplace or for high school or whatnot… While the skills and knowledge were important, I got the most from the modeling of a caring and nurturing and inclusive environment.  That, and I always remember that you’d shake our hands every morning, and what that meant to me, making that personal connection with each student.” — Nick Sakurai – Class of 1995

“Everything I’ve done at Bethany has provided me with excellent learning experiences, but my favorites are the Christian Education classes.  Coming from a secular public school, I didn’t have religion classes or a chance to ask questions regarding my faith.  This is a class I thrive in and enjoy, because the teacher is very welcoming, and this subject never ceases to feed my curiosity.” – Class of 2013 graduate

Favorite Bethany Memory: “When we went on all the different field trips.  It made me get to know everyone, connect with them, and also have a better relationship with the other students.” – Class of 2013 graduate

Favorite Bethany Memory: “I don’t have just one; I have many.  Every time I was with my friends have a laugh is a memory.  Every day at Bethany, things happened that I hope I remember my whole life.” – Class of 2013 graduate and student from K-8th grades

“Bethany School was and still is the greatest place on earth.  I have learned so much during my nine years here.  I have been taught by some of the best teachers and have made very good friends.” – Class of 2012 graduate and student from K-8th grades

“The people who surround you every day are a big part of your life.  At Bethany School, it is easy to love everyone that I see every day.  They make me laugh, teach me, encourage me, and give me confidence.  Without all of the friends I have made at this school, I don’t know what I’d be doing right now. – Class of 2012 graduate and student from K-8th grades

Bethany School has been my second home for nine long years. It is going to be really sad to leave.  Everything that I learned here, I will remember for the rest of my life…I will never forget Bethany.” – Class of 2012 graduate and student from K-8th grades