BEAP Raffle Was a Huge Success
Written by Bethany

Thank you to all of our families who worked so hard selling raffle tickets for our BEAP fundraiser. It was a HUGE success bringing in over $22,000 and making this our best fundraiser ever! We recently announced the top seller who earned a $500 discount off of his December tuition (and the Limo Ride/Pizza lunch, too, of course). The best part is, that though he is quite young, he came up with a great idea to help sell his tickets. He quickly tired of calling relative after relative and repeating his spiel, so he suggested to his mom that they make a video instead. Mom thought it was brilliant. They made the video and she posted it for friends and family to see. He gave all the details and requested people purchase tickets from him. People just couldn’t resist his charm! Congratulations to this young man for his ingenuity and winning results!