BEAP Fundraisers

BEAP Fundraiser

BEAP (Bethany Educators and Parents) is our parent-teacher organization that works throughout the year to raise money for many of Bethany’s facility improvements including air conditioning, ActivBoards, playground equipment.  The organization made large contributions to the construction projects for our Activity Center and the new buildings currently under construction.  They  helped fund the recent purchase of our Bethany School Bus, and each year they provide funds to help pay for author visits and many of our field trips.

BEAP’s main fundraiser is the Money Mondays Raffle. The Raffle begins shortly after the school year starts and cash giveaways occur every Monday that school is in session after the sale ends.  With majority participation in this fundraiser, we hope to eliminate most other fundraising requests throughout the year.

BEAP will continue to manage the Used Uniform Sales and Skating Parties.  Additionally, the Santa Sale will be held before Christmas break and is a great way for students to select and purchase gifts, on their own, for all members of the family.

If you have questions about BEAP Fundraisers, please contact us at