Bethany Educators And Parents (BEAP)


What is BEAP?


BEAP (Bethany Educators and Parents), active since 1980, was formed as a partnership of the parents, school administration, and the Sisters of the Transfiguration to provide direct voluntary support of Bethany School; raise funds for both educational and non-educational support of Bethany School; and provide social interaction of parents and educators within the school community.


What does BEAP do?


BEAP raises funds through as few campaigns as possible, keeping them as functional for the families, but still enabling the wonderful year-round engaging events that the families and students enjoy at Bethany. These fundraisers are:

  • Raffle Ticket Sales – Each family sells raffle tickets for 1 month at beginning of school year. Families that meet sales goals ($200 for families with 1 student; $300 for families with 2 or more students) win sales celebration prize (to date, has been a pizza party at LaRosa’s). Top 3 sellers get monetary prizes. Raffle tickets drawn every Monday assembly; these win $100!
  • Used Uniform Sales – Families donate gently used uniforms, and we sell for fabulously reduced prices. Fall and Spring.

The funds BEAP raises contribute to several annual administrative and educational events, to include:

  • Hosts New Family Picnic
  • Coordinates Homeroom Parents
  • Provides faculty meals for conferences
  • Hosts a luncheon for teacher appreciation week
  • Contributes to costs of author visits through the library program
  • Contributes to overnight field trip to the Wilds
  • Contributes to facility enhancements, such as ActivBoards, musical equipment, playground equipment, the Bethany Activity Center, the Bethany school bus, and the Rebuild Campaign.

BEAP also hosts family fun activities throughout the year, such as:

  • Student Skating Parties – Bethany families can get their skate on a few times during the year. Skating fees are just for entry, not so much a fundraiser… just a bit of fun.
  • Boo Bash – Bethany families decorate their tables; students parade and trick-or-treat, and enjoy a scavenger hunt, activities, free play, and munchables.
  • Santa Sale – Bethany students can peruse and shop for inexpensive presents for their family and friends on a Thursday and Friday in December.
  • Spring Fling – BEAP hosts a little Spring picnic outing, accompanied by an offering for ordering flowers/seeds for Spring gardening.

BEAP has started regular Parent Forums, providing channels for parents to meet and discuss various topics of interest, which may include (but not limited to) educational standards and advancement, diverse culture and community building, technological resources, and any other topics parents bring forward to discuss. Be on the lookout for emailed Parent Forum surveys, which help guide and strategize upcoming forum discussions.


BEAP meets throughout the year to discuss updates, ideas, and plans for goals and events. As parent support is vital to BEAP achievement, and school administration is also represented, parents are encouraged to attend BEAP meetings to share ideas, concerns, or questions about events or activities related to the Bethany School.


Who is BEAP?

As BEAP comprises all parent volunteers, working in coordination with Bethany School administrators, serving our Bethany students, we are all potentially part of BEAP. Currently, this is our BEAP leadership team:

President – Mary Barrera
Vice President for Parent Engagement – TBD
Vice President for Fundraising and Community Building – Amber Vonderhaar
Treasurer – Nina Tohill
Secretary – OPEN
Members at Large – William Block, Rogelle Hackworth


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Want to join BEAP to help make our many projects successful for our children? Complete and submit this BEAP membership form to the Bethany admin office.

** In appreciation for paying your membership dues, those who join will receive a digital school directory.

If you have any questions regarding BEAP now or throughout the school year, please do not hesitate to email us at .