Coffee Hours

Coffee Hour

Are you a few weeks into the school year and still feel like you have lots of questions you would like to ask about our school, your child’s classroom expectations, procedures, etc?   Are we nearing the end of the school year and you find yourself feeling anxious about what next year will bring?   We have the solution to help you through both of these anxiety filled times – Coffee Hours!


Each September-October, we hold grade level coffee hours and welcome our parents to come together with administration and the child’s grade-level teachers to learn more about the child’s current experience and have questions answered. These sessions last an hour and take place in BethAnna (the building behind the office). There is one session for every grade, so the topics are grade-level specific.


Later in year, in March-April, we hold another set of coffee hours. This time, parents meet with administration and the teachers for the grade the child will be entering in the fall. At these sessions, parents learn about the expectations and plans for the child’s next grade and have questions related to the upcoming year answered.


Coffee Hour dates are announced a few weeks in advance and email reminders are sent out prior to each meeting.