Food Policy


Bethany School has adopted a policy which promotes healthy food choices at school.  This can be seen in our school lunch menu, where all foods and beverages are in accordance with federal standards with regard to sugar, fat, and sodium content.  White bread has been replaced with wheat; gatorade and juices are gone from the cooler; fresh fruits and vegetables are being chosen as snacks instead of chips and popcorn.  While ice cream is still available one day per week (on Fridays this year), all of the options are low-fat.

Changes were made in other areas, too.  Teacher rewards and incentives are not of the sweet, sugar-laden variety.  Bake sales are not permitted.  Extended Day snacks are always healthy choices.

Room parents are asked to coordinate only healthy snacks for class holiday parties with the exception of no more than One sweet treat.  Products containing nuts should be avoided. (Only snacks organized by our Room Parents may be brought to school for these events. Any additional sweet treats will be sent back home with the parent/student who brought them in). It is important that we ensure a safe and healthy environment for students with food allergies and to reduce the likelihood of a severe or potentially life threatening allergic reaction. Therefore, all food sent into school for classroom snacks and class parties must be purchased from a store, in the original wrapper, and labeled with nutrient and ingredient information.

Parents are welcome to join their child(ren) for lunch on any day (we ask you sign in at the office, first). You are welcome to bring an outside lunch with you, however we ask that parents not bring food for children other than their own. We also ask that students not share their food with other students at any time while on campus.

We know birthdays are reason to celebrate, and we are happy to recognize students’ birthdays in weekly chapel services and with the opportunity to purchase a birthday book for the library. Teachers provide age-appropriate recognition for their students, as well. However, we do not allow birthday treats, food items or non-food items, to be sent in from home.

Many factors were considered in these decisions including concerns of food allergies, disruption of class time, and exclusion of others.

We hope you will understand and support this effort, as we work to make Bethany School a positive learning environment and educate our students on making good choices for a healthy lifestyle.


For a printable version of our policy, click here: Food Policy