Homeroom Parents Guidelines

Thank you so much for volunteering to be a Bethany homeroom parent!  We know the children will benefit greatly from your involvement.  We hope this role adds to your enjoyment of the  school year as well.

Where to Start

  • Contact your teachers for your grade to understand how they wish to communicate and how they want room parents to be involved throughout the year.  Certain grades may have traditions that go beyond the usual parties that can be discussed at this time.
  • If you are partnering with someone as a co-parent, please coordinate conversations with your teachers.  You can then later determine how to split up tasks.
  • Determine if there are any and what allergies students may have.
  • Read and follow the Food Policy.  Check this list for great nut free snack ideas: Nut Free Snacks
  • Be the communicator for your room (coordinating donations and volunteers from all parents in your grade.)
  • Complete this Party Plan and submit it to the Classroom teacher for approval at least one week prior to the party.  Party Plan

    An Important Reminder

    Bethany School Families come from a diverse economic background economically.  It is important to remember that not everyone can contribute financially to parties or gifts and should not be made to feel uncomfortable because of it.  Please do your best to respect your class’s parents and to find ways everyone can contribute.

    Classroom Parties

    Most classes hold parties to celebrate Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Parties can include a healthy snack, activities (games, crafts, stories, etc.) and even a take-home bag/item.  Activities are typically planned and run by the homeroom parents.

    Paper goods, drinks, snacks, game/craft supplies and take-home items are obtained through parent donations.  Parent donation “sign-ups” have been done by homeroom parents at Back to School night, through the Thursday folder process or even via phone or email.  If much time passes between sign-ups and an event, be sure to remind your parents of what they agreed to provide!

    In line with federal guidelines, snacks for all classroom celebrations must be of the “healthy” variety.  Please see the Bethany School Food Policy for ideas on healthy alternatives for classroom parties.

    Helpful Tips for Staying Organized:

    Here are few helpful hints to help you more easily organize your year and send out communications to your fellow student families.
    • Create a group email for the class.  Emails for most students can be found in the student contact book or by calling the Office for any missing emails. Determine if there are any and what allergies students may have.
    • Create a PRIVATE Facebook Group Page to share classroom photos and other information. Please remember not all families may want to participate and involvement should be voluntary.
    • Use SIGNUPGENIUS.com to create easy on – line lists for donations  and supplies for parties and field trips.

    Gift Collection – Optional

    There are multiple times during the school year when parents commonly consider giving gifts to teachers and aides: Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Week (beginning of May), teacher birthdays and the end of the year.  While no one is required to give gifts, it is likely some of your parents will want to pool resources and do a joint gift.  This is a class-by-class decision and perfectly acceptable.  Participation is also voluntary for each family.

    To reduce the number of requests for money in a short period of time, we STRONGLY encourage you to combine the Teacher Appreciation Week and End of Year collections (if you are choosing to collect money for these occasions).  Previous room parents have had success with soliciting a combined donation in April and using part of that collection to purchase a small Teacher Appreciation Gift and the balance to purchase a larger end-of-year gift (or vice versa).  Please be sure to communicate to the class families about how you have used the funds.


    The B.E.A.P. organization will take up a collection at Christmas and year end for gifts to all special area teachers and school staff. B.E.A.P. will also provide all teachers with a gift during teacher appreciation week, and provide refreshments for teachers during conferences.

    Hopefully, this guide addresses the most common questions you may have.  If you have any other questions throughout the school year, please feel free to contact Terricka Austin (B.E.A.P. Homeroom Parent Coordinator) at austin.td@pg.com.

    Thanks again for giving to our children!  Have a terrific school year!