Private Music Lessons – Gr K – 8


year round
$15 annual registration fee plus per lesson fee
Max Capacity
Various Locations on Campus


Bethany School offers private music lessons to individuals who are interested in piano, stringed instruments, or band instruments.  These lessons are scheduled during after school hours.  The school provides the space for lessons and handles scheduling issues.  Private teachers conduct the actual lessons; billing is handled on an individual basis between the instructor and the family.

Students have the opportunity to perform for family and friends during a recital which is held each May.  Many students also perform at the school’s Lessons and Carols and Spring Concert programs and occasionally at other school gatherings.

Learning music does wonderful things for the brain! It makes learning math easier and makes both sides of the brain work better together. It feeds the mind and spirit, allowing children to grow and blossom in many ways. We encourage you to take advantage of this musical opportunity here at Bethany!

Who is Eligible?

Any student interested in learning to play an instrument.

Registration Process

All Music Lessons participants must submit a Music Registration form along with the registration fee (to cover administrative and recital fees) to the office before lessons are arranged.  Payment for all lessons should be made to the individual instructor.

Registration Deadline

Students may join at any time.


Melinda Boyd 771-7462 ext. 3209


Students may go to Extended Day before and/or after their lessons. Lessons are currently offered by these instructors:

Melinda Boyd, piano
Sr. Carina, piano
Scott Bruce, classical guitar
TBD, violin

Voice Lessons are also offered