WEBBY Dance – Gr K – 3

September – June
3:00 – 3:45
$20 annual registration fee plus $45 per month
payable and mailed directly to the WEBBY Dance Company
Max Capacity
Bethany School Gym


Does your kindergarten through third grade child love to move and need a way to burn off some excess energy?  Does (s)he have an interest in dance or a need to develop rhythm and coordination?  If so, check out WEBBY Dance.  Through creative movement, dance, gymnastics, cheer and yoga, the WEBBY Dance Company provides children the opportunity to build self-confidence, creativity, and coordination.  The best part is that the WEBBY Dance professionals come to Bethany School one afternoon a week, so you don’t have to go elsewhere for these lessons!  Students showcase what they’ve learned at their annual recital in June.

Who is Eligible?

Any student who is interested in developing rhythm and coordination and has an interest in dance

Registration Process

A registration form must be submitted along with registration fee and monthly payments to the WEBBY Dance Company.  Forms are available in the school office or by contacting the WEBBY Dance Company.  Register using this Webby Dance Form or  online at http://www.webbydanceco.com/.

Registration Deadline

Students may join at any time.


Melissa Teran – 513-755-2480 or mteran@webbydanceco.com


Students are asked to bring a healthy snack.  Students who attend Extended Day afterward may get a snack from the dining room.