Silver Tea Ceremony- Gr 4-8


Final Week of School
Tuesday 7:00 pm
Dedication and Hard Work throughout the entire school year
Max Capacity


Earning First Academic Honors (grade point average of 3.5 or above) for one trimester is quite an achievement.  Earning First Honors all three trimesters of a school year is cause for special celebration!  Each year, we congratulate these dedicated and hard-working students and their families with an invitation-only Silver Tea Ceremony in our chapel.  Though tea is no longer actually served at this event (which has been a tradition at Bethany School for decades), it is a reverent and inspirational service with a special guest speaker and candle-lighting ceremony followed by refreshments in the dining room.

Impressively, each year we have the honor of announcing Stellar Scholar Award recipients during our Silver Tea Ceremony.  The Stellar Scholar is our award for those students who have achieved First Academic Honors for all trimesters from the fourth through the eighth grades.  This is a huge accomplishment for those students as well as a testament to their dedication to excellence and the support of their families.


Silver Tea is an invitation-only event.  Students who have a achieved first honors all three trimesters will receive an invitation usually late in the week immediately preceding the Silver Tea event.  Space is limited so we request only immediate family attend.