Community Service

Community Service

Various Dates and Times throughout the School Year.
Time and Donations at the discretion of the students and their families.
Max Capacity


Our students are encouraged to give back to their school and their community.  Students learn to look beyond their own needs to see how they can help others.  They may find ways to help outside of Bethany School at their church, in the community in which they live, or through an organization they support.

Each year, each grade works together with the Religion Department to come up with a service project  they do together.  They may visit a local nursing home, make sandwiches for a food pantry, or do cleanup work in an area park.  The projects vary from year to year with ideas coming from the students, the parents, or the faculty.

In addition, the Sisters, our Service Club, and Student Council sponsor a variety of drives and fundraisers to help various programs both here and outside our city. Though these may change from year to year, some of our ongoing fundraisers are:  Circle Tail, Giving Tree, Por Los Ninos, Stockings for Soldiers, Andrew Dawson Memorial Walk-a-thon.