International Host and Travel thru ISSE – Gr 5-6


International Host and Travel thru ISSE

Hosting and traveling last approx. 3 weeks
Travelers pay a Reg. Fee, airfare,  traveler’s, passport and visa fees, insurance, host family gifts
Host Families treat the visitor as one of their own children, pay entrance and activity fees
Max Capacity
Travel Numbers determined by Host School
Number needed to host is based on the number the visiting school is sending
Rehearsal location: TBA
This Year’s Exchange: TBA


Bethany School has been a member of the International School to School Experience (ISSE) program since the 1980s.  The purpose of ISSE is to promote world peace and understanding through friendships between the children and schools of the world.  This exchange program allows a group of fifth and sixth graders and  teacher chaperones to travel to another country for three weeks. The traveling students live with families in the host country and attend school.  This program also gives our fifth and sixth grade students the opportunity to host students from another country in their own homes.   Bethany plans a variety of field trips which take place during school hours, but host families often plan field trips of their own in order to give the visitor as much exposure to our city and customs as possible. In recent years, we have traveled to and hosted students from India, Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Japan, Mexico, and Peru. 


What is involved?

As a host, you provide a home for the visitor for three weeks, treat them as a family member, bring them to school daily as you would you own child, take them on outings with other families in the group and to other interesting places of your choice in the area, and introduce them to our foods and things that make us unique and different. These students can either share a room with your child or have a room to themselves. The cost for the host family would include entrance fees to the various activities, food, and anything else you would do for your own child. Students selected to host must be good team members, willing to share their home and their friends, patient and kind, and able to do what it takes to make the visitor as comfortable as possible in a strange land!

As a traveler, students stay for three weeks with a host family, attend school on a daily basis, try new foods and activities, and enjoy numerous field trip opportunities. They must be able to attend regular meetings until the time of the trip as they are responsible for preparing a cultural show they will perform for the entire host school (typically includes dancing and a slideshow) and separate classroom presentations to share with the different grade levels in the host school (often requiring several different age appropriate presentations). Costs for travelers include registration fee, the price of the plane ticket, passport and visa fees, travelers insurance, small gifts for students in the host school (each traveler contributes a portion of this so it isn’t a great expense), and souvenirs/gifts for each member of their host family. As these students will be ambassadors for both Bethany School and the United States, they must be good team members, adventurous about new foods and experiences, comfortable going far way and staying with a different family for three weeks, adaptable to new situations, willing to dance and speak publicly, excellent citizens, and dedicated students who can keep up with school work the teachers send along. As contact with home is limited (one call home allowed after two weeks, plus an occasional email), they also must be able to discuss any issues/concerns with their host family and/or chaperones.

It may be necessary for those who travel to host, as well, though it is not guaranteed that one will both host and travel.

Registration Process

An application must be submitted. This application includes a student portion, a parent portion, and teacher recommendation forms. This application packet can be picked up from Ms. Boyd once the application period is announced.

Registration Deadline

The application deadline is noted in the application packet. Packets must be turned in by the deadline to be considered.


contact Melinda Boyd, ext. 2123


see for more information about ISSE.