Mission Statement and Philosophy


Mission Statement

The mission of Bethany School is to be a community where all members can thrive as learners, growing and developing academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually; where students experience and learn respect, responsibility, and an appreciation for diversity; and where academic excellence is provided in a Christian environment.

Our mission statement is the reflection of our clear and continued commitment to these Core Values:

Christian Education,
Academic Excellence,
Character Education,
and Family Commitment.

Philosophy of Bethany School

The elementary school years are crucial to spiritual growth, as well as the development of academic skills, positive attitudes, intellectual curiosity, and physical well-being.  The daily program at Bethany is child-oriented and personalized.  Small class size, professional, caring teachers, along with current texts and teaching materials yield a spiritual and academic environment in which each student is directed toward the attainment of sound basic skills, emotional well-being, and physical, social, and moral development commensurate with his or her God-given potential.

The school strives to inspire within each student a love of learning and an appreciation of the arts.  The program seeks to prepare children for their place in a technological society.  It attempts to help each youngster cultivate a positive self-concept, be aware of his or her great worth as a child of God, and be capable of making a significant contribution to society.