Prayer Labyrinth

Our prayer labyrinth was a gift created by one of our recent 8th grade graduates as part of his Eagle Scout project.  It can be found on the east side of the Administration building in front of the Statue of Mary.  Many people have asked about its purpose and how to use it.

A prayer labyrinth is an ancient meditative tool. The path represents  your life journey to your center, to God. Walking the labyrinth can involve a specific prayer for an issue, a word on which to concentrate, a conversation with God, or just quieting your mind. The twists and turns represent the twists and turns of life, and if you meet someone on the path, it is the same as in life when others cross your path.  The center is a place to pause, reflect, and receive insight.
Then, you walk back out into the world, just as you do after prayer.


Feel free to walk the labyrinth anytime!