Technology at Bethany School has many facets.  The equipment available to our students (Apple Macs, laptops, and iPads) is kept current with replacement every three years.  Students in kindergarten through sixth grade attend computer lab once a week and learn computer skills which they use when working with laptops, iPads, or computers in their classrooms and homes.  For seventh and eighth grade students, computer lab is an academic class, and they attend three times a week.

Students in kindergarten have  desktop computers in their classrooms, while students in first through eighth grades have access to grade level sets of laptops or iPads.  Teachers incorporate the computers, laptops, and iPads into every curricular area including WebQuests, research, publishing writing, and enhancing curriculum.  Bethany’s wireless capabilities allow teachers and students flexibility in using the devices school wide.

Parents and students find the ready access to Rediker’s PlusPortals, our open gradebook program, to be an extremely valuable communication tool.  Families can view current grades, the event calendar, and assignment descriptions at any time from their computer or mobile device.