Our History

Bethany School was founded more than 120 years ago with a commitment to education and serving the community, principles that continue to guide us today.

Our History

Bethany School was founded more than 120 years ago with a commitment to education and serving the community, principles that continue to guide us today.

A historical timeline of Bethany School


Two Episcopalian women, Eva Lee Matthews and Beatrice Henderson, found a religious order of Sisters called the Community of the Transfiguration in Glendale. They purchase a farmhouse and in it open a one-room school named Bethany Home.


An addition is made to the farmhouse to house children, lay helpers and the Sisters. Between 50 and 60 students enroll at the school.


A $1 gift from a student kicks off fundraising efforts to support the construction of a new chapel.


 Bethany Home houses boys in a cottage on the site of the present St. Faith’s. Boys attend public school in Glendale.


Bethany celebrates the graduation of its first high school class with 3 total graduates.


A total of 60–80 students are taught across 12 grades. High school girls reside in the Beatrice Hope Building.


Hilaritas Hall opens.


Bethany Home Village, including three dormitories and a large school house, is built. The school is dedicated on December 6 and Bethany Home is certified by the State Board of Education. Chapel construction begins.


Mother Eva passes away on July 6.


The Chapel is completed and dedicated on June 11. Mother Eva is buried beneath the high altar.


All twelve grades, comprised of 90 students, are taught in St. Faith’s. Cottages serve as residences.


Bethany Home stops offering schooling past 9th grade.


Bethany Home begins admitting day students.


Bethany Home becomes Bethany School.


Bethany School no longer accepts high school boarders.


Boys are admitted as students.


New Hilaritas Hall (gym) is built.


Bethany School discontinues 9th grade. A new convent for the Sisters is dedicated.


Boys are admitted as boarders.


First boys graduate.


Boarding closes.


A new library and computer lab open in Beatrice Hope.


Hilaritas Hall is enlarged and updated with a new music room.


New classroom space is added to Hilaritas Hall.


A new Bethany Activity Center with a full-sized gym is completed and dedicated on September 30.


During the summer, 108 geo-thermal wells and a new storm water drainage system are installed. Construction of environmentally friendly buildings for grades 3–8 and a new dining hall begins.


In April, the entire school gathers for a portrait taken by drone on the newly poured slab of the new classroom building. The new dining hall with a full kitchen opens in October. It connects to the south side of the Hilaritas building


The maintenance building is demolished to make room for a new garage and maintenance building. Bethel and Bethlehem Cottages are demolished to make room for a new K–2 building, named Bethlehem. The new Bethel building for grades 3–8 opens on the first day of school on the green space that was formerly the kickball field and playground. A new natural playscape between Hilaritas and Bethel is installed as well as a new kickball field to the south of Hilaritas. All students are given a tour of the new building, which is dedicated and blessed by the presiding Episcopal Bishop, Michael Curry, on September 11, 2019.


The new Bethlehem Academic Building for grades K–2 opens in August. It also houses our library, K–4 Spanish room, a religion room, and the computer lab. All the cottages are repainted and re-roofed, and the grounds are re-graded and landscaped.


The new Art Wing of the Hilaritas building opens in February. Hilaritas now houses art, music, and physical education classes as well as our beautiful dining hall.



At Bethany School, we aim to inspire within our students a love for learning while providing them with an elite-level education. Our “learning through doing” curriculum encourages creativity, curiosity and achievement.



As Ohio’s only Episcopal school, Bethany is rooted in Christianity. Our students explore their own faith and spirituality as they learn about themselves and the world around them

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Bethany School is led by a team of dedicated and passionate faculty, administrators, staff, and board members who help us achieve our mission and help our students achieve their highest potential every day.


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