Our Mission

Our Mission

At Bethany School, we provide a strong foundation that nurtures and empowers our students to develop the skills and self-esteem to thrive in our diverse world.

Mission Statement

The mission of Bethany School is to be a community where all members can thrive as learners, growing and developing academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually; where students experience and learn respect, responsibility, and an appreciation for diversity; and where academic excellence is provided in a Christian environment.  Our mission statement is a reflection of our clear and continued commitment to these Core Values: Christian Education, Academic Excellence, Diversity, Character Education, and Family Commitment.

Our North Star

Our vision is to nurture and empower the Bethany School community to thrive in a diverse world. 

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Bethany School Nature and Learning Center

Why Choose Bethany School?

At Bethany School, we are committed to helping children achieve academic excellence while developing a love for learning and a meaningful connection to the world around them. Experiences both inside and out of the classroom help our students build strong character, with a focus on empathy, responsibility, independence, and a passion for service and leadership.

We are a community. We are engaged. We are JOYful.

There are many things that set Bethany School apart. They are the reasons why families have been trusting us with educating their children for generations.

Our School Leaders

Bethany School is led by a team of dedicated and passionate faculty, administrators, staff, and board members who help us achieve our mission and help our students achieve their highest potential every day.


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