Lower School

Kindergarten to Second Grade

Students begin their journey at Bethany School curious about the world around them and eager to learn and discover. Our dedicated teachers foster that curiosity and love for learning as students become more independent, confident, and creative thinkers.


The academic environment for our youngest learners is focused on hands-on experiences that teach them to follow directions, work with others, and use their senses to discover the world around them. The curriculum is designed to strengthen their problem solving and early literacy skills, while experiences both in the classroom and with eighth grade “buddies” support their development both socially and emotionally.


First Grade

With activities like “how-to” projects, letter and book writing, and hands-on science projects, our first grade students are encouraged not only to discover, but to use critical thinking skills to explain what their discoveries mean. Through a curriculum that introduces mathematics and more complex science and language arts concepts, students become more confident in their own ability to acquire knowledge and discover new things.

Second Grade

By second grade, students are becoming independent learners and thinkers. They learn to independently manage their homework and other daily activities, which builds self-confidence and a sense of personal responsibility, and helps prepare them for their transition to middle school.


Learning Through Doing

Field trips are an important part of the academic experience at Bethany School. Our lower school students participate in a variety of educational field trips and outreach programs every year to connect real-world, hands-on experiences to what they’re learning in the classroom.


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