Discover the World of Special Area Classes at Bethany

Bethany School’s special area classes are an integral part of our diverse educational offerings, providing students with unique learning experiences that extend beyond traditional academics. These classes answer the often-asked question, “What are special classes?” We offer innovative and enriching educational opportunities in fields like arts, faith, technology, and foreign language.

Exploring the Richness of Special Area Classes

Our special area classes are thoughtfully designed to stimulate curiosity and foster a love for learning in various disciplines. Specials encourage students to explore their creative and intellectual potential, providing a balanced and comprehensive education.


Our art classes are yet another place where students at Bethany School are encouraged to question, ponder, discover, explore, and find their sense of purpose. Art lessons and projects inspire students to think creatively and solve visual problems while expressing themselves and using their imaginations. Art has the unique power to bridge gaps between cultures and life experiences and allows us to see things through a new lens. This teaches students valuable lessons in problem-solving, self-expression, and communication that they’ll carry with them at Bethany School and beyond. 


Our art room features interactive whiteboards and tablets, which enable interactive experiences such as research, sketching, digital art, and even virtual art museum field trips. A 3D printer allows students to bring their ideas to life in a new and engaging way. 


Art classes are available for students in grades one through six. The art curriculum changes year by year to integrate with core class content, but highlights include:

  • Free expression
  • Ceramics and form-based art
  • Connecting art with literature
  • Art history 
  • Watercolor and oil pastel painting
  • Line drawing and colored pencils
  • Portraits
Computer Lab

At Bethany School, we aim to prepare students for success in a technology-driven world. Our facilities are equipped with the latest digital equipment and smart devices, including in our state-of-the-art computer lab. The skills and concepts students learn in the lab can be used in academic classes or at home to enhance their everyday lives.


Curriculum Overview


Grades K–4

  • Digital learning tools
  • Digital citizenship and internet safety
  • Keyboarding (Grades 2–4)
  • Introduction to word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets
  • Collaborative projects in math, science, social studies, Spanish, and language arts
  • Stop-motion animation movies
  • Coding projects

Grades 5–8 

  • Preparation for high school standards according to the Ohio Learning Standards for Technology
  • Cross-curriculum integration 
  • Web-based program usage and design
  • Social media introduction and safety
  • Web-based presentation programming and execution
  • Problem-solving methodology
  • Create and maintain a digital portfolio

With a slide and a Lego wall, our library is a fun place to learn, play, and explore. In our library, students are surrounded by high-quality, diverse literature and are nurtured in their love of reading. During class, they participate in read-alouds, hands-on activities, author and illustrator visits, a reading club, and the theme for the year. The annual Scholastic Book Fair is also held at our library; it is one of our students’ favorite events.  

Learning Topics: 

Grades K–3

Nonfiction and fiction; parts of a book; authors and illustrators; taking care of books; picture books; folktales and fairy tales; beginning chapter books; character issues

Grades 4–6

Dewey Decimal System; genres; authors and illustrators; reference materials; novels; analyzing literature; character issues


Bethany School’s music program is one of the ways we promote a joyful community and encourage students to express themselves creatively. We aim to provide students with a strong foundation in music literacy, theory, history, performance, and appreciation. Students participate in singing, rhythm activities, creative movement, playing instruments, and listening activities. Extracurricular programs are also available for young musicians who want to further their musical experiences. 

Two concerts are held each year to allow students to share their musical gifts and hard work with their fellow students.

Physical Education

Regular physical education classes are an opportunity for our students to play together while building self-confidence, a strong sense of good sportsmanship, and teamwork skills. Activities focus on improving strength, flexibility, endurance, and motor skills, as well as decreasing tension and anxiety.


As Ohio’s only Episcopal school, Bethany School is rooted in the Episcopal traditions of respecting and coexisting with all faiths, seeking clarity about one’s spiritual beliefs, and honoring the unique worth and beauty of all human beings. In addition to a weekly chapel service, students also attend religion classes twice a week, where they learn about world religions, ethics, Bible stories, and religious traditions; they also discuss character development.


At Bethany School, students at every grade level take Spanish classes to build valuable bilingual communication skills that will help prepare them for success in school and life. To cultivate a love for learning, Spanish lessons are taught through games, songs, and interactions between the students.  

We also participate in the International School to School Experience (ISSE) program, where students in the Fifth and Sixth Grades host international students and then travel to their home countries for three-week exchanges. Participating countries have included Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, India, Japan, Mexico, and Peru. Our entire student body benefits from these exchanges, as meeting the visiting students and learning about their lives and culture helps develop global interests and empathy. 

Spanish Curriculum Overview 

Grades K–6

Students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade take Spanish classes twice a week, studying the language from a cultural perspective. They participate in various activities that expose them to the language and the culture naturally. 

Grades 7–8

Seventh- and eighth-grade students take Spanish as an academic course, five days a week. It includes both spoken and written components, grammar, reading, and a simple study of the culture and geography. The two-year sequence is the equivalent of Spanish I at the high school level.


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We invite families to explore the enriching world of special area classes at Bethany School. Here, education is not just about learning facts; it’s about growing as individuals in a supportive and dynamic environment. Discover how our special area classes can enhance your child’s educational journey, preparing them for a future where adaptability, creativity, and innovation are key.