Spirituality at Bethany School

As Ohio’s only Episcopal school, we provide students with self-guided opportunities to explore what spirituality means to them, not only through curriculum and prayer but also in everyday experiences with their peers and community.

How Our Students Participate

Students attend chapel services once a week and attend an all-school chapel service once a month. They also attend religion classes twice a week, where they learn world religions, ethics, Bible stories, and religious traditions.

Because service to others is an important part of the spiritual life at Bethany School, we offer a variety of service opportunities throughout the year. Students who participate build strong character and learn the value of giving back to our community.

The Sisters

Bethany School resides on the campus of the Society of the Transfiguration, an Episcopal religious order of Sisters who founded our school in 1898 and who still play a vital role in our overall mission. The Sisters provide a sense of home and community that makes Bethany School such a unique place to learn and grow.

The Sisters give generously to Bethany School and cover over 50% of the cost to educate a child at our school.

Why Choose Bethany School?

At Bethany School, our commitment to teaching children goes beyond the classroom. As a community, we help them build strong character and find their sense of purpose. We value respect and diversity and aim to create a joyful environment where play and discovery help cultivate a love for learning.


Join Bethany School

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