Ohio’s EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program

Bethany School is now participating in the EdChoice Expansion Program. The EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Program provides state-funded scholarships to K-12 students based on household income level.  Please note: The new expansion program is DIFFERENT than the traditional EdChoice program, and benefits families of all income levels.


What is Ohio’s EdChoice Expansion?

Ohio’s Educational Choice Expansion Scholarship (EdChoice) Program provides students the opportunity to attend participating private schools. Families choosing to send their children to private school, grades K-8, can be eligible for up to $6165.


When will EdChoice Expansion Applications be open?

The application period for the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship program opens February 1st, 2024, and will remain open through June 30th, 2025.


Who is eligible for EdChoice Expansion?

All new and returning families must complete enrollment contracts for the 2024-2025 school year, prior to applying for EdChoice Expansion. Once students have been enrolled or re-enrolled at Bethany School for the 2024-2025 academic year, they may apply for an EdChoice Expansion Scholarship. The EdChoice Expansion program offers scholarships that are determined by a family’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). EdChoice Expansion Scholarships benefits families of ALL income levels. To determine your eligibility first identify how many members are in your household, and what percentage your AGI (adjusted gross income) is (above or below) in reference to the federal poverty level.


What is the value of the scholarship?

The maximum scholarship for students in grades K-8 is currently $6,165 and the minimum is $650. The amount each student receives varies based on household income. The specific estimated award amounts can be found in spreadsheet on the Department’s website.

Will I still have to pay for fees or tuition?

EdChoice Expansion Scholarships apply to tuition only. All Bethany Families, are responsible for registration fees, extracurricular fees, and any other fee not included in tuition.Families whose adjusted gross income is above the federal poverty level, will have to pay whatever EdChoice Expansion does not cover. Families can also apply for Bethany School financial aid.

Example: A family of 3 whose adjusted income is $112,000 a year, would be 450% over the federal poverty level, and qualify for a $5200 EdChoice Expansion scholarship. The tuition owed would be approximately $6000. If the family also applied for financial aid, they could be awarded $3-4k from financial aid, making their annual tuition at Bethany School under $2500.

Can the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship be renewed?

Yes, the scholarship can be renewed each year as long as the student:

  1. Takes all required assessments;

  2. Does not have more than 20 unexcused absences for the school year; and

  3. Remains a resident of Ohio.

Should parents apply or re-enroll first?

New and returning Bethany School families must complete their enrollment contracts for the 2024-2025 school year before applying for the EdChoice Expansion program. Bethany School submits all the paperwork to the state through the secure online application system after parents complete the necessary forms to apply for EdChoice Expansion. 

How to Apply for EdChoice Expansion

Application Steps

To make sure your application is not delayed or rejected, please make sure to do the following;

  • When you fill in your student’s name, it is essential it matches the name on the birth certificate exactly. 
  • Make sure all fields are filled in on the EdChoice Scholarship Application Form – especially middle names, SSN, and school info.
  • You cannot answer unknown for the school district questions. Please utilize your school districts school finder provided on most district websites, or contact your district directly. 
  • Physically sign the 2nd page of the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Application Form. Typed in signatures will be rejected. 
  • Fill out Bethany School’s online form and uploaded ALL 3 of the required documents.
  • Parents and schools have 2 options for signatures: Physically signing the applications (wet signature) or using a qualified e-signature with third party verification. Typed signatures are not acceptable.
  • Please verify that the address on each application is still current with all proof of address documents not more than 90 days old.
  • Wait to do income verification until Bethany School submits your application to the state, and you receive preliminary approval. 

Complete your enrollment agreement for the 2024-2025 school year.

Complete the EdChoice Expansion Scholarship Form.

  • Download the form here.

  • Make sure the student name matches how the name is listed on your child’s birth certificate.

  • Make sure you fill out all fields – especially middle name, last 4 of social, and school your child would attend, if they were not at Bethany School.

  • Make sure you sign the 2nd page of the form. Forms not signed will be rejected.

Secure a copy of your child’s birth certificate and proof of address.

Fill out the Bethany School EdChoice Expansion Application Form per student, and upload the following three documents. 

Wait for Bethany School to submit your application form and documents to the state of Ohio. Once your application is conditionally approved – Bethany School will reach out to you.


THEN move to step 6.

Create an OHIO ID account and verify your income online. To facilitate the process of verifying scholarship income, the Department of Education has developed an online system that allows families to enter and submit their income information electronically to the Office of Nonpublic Educational Options. This system enables parents to provide detailed information about household members and their income, while also allowing them to upload supporting documents directly into the system. As a result, the verification process becomes significantly easier to navigate. Additional information such as student report card, notarized letter, custody documentation or foster care information may be needed for determining student eligibility for a scholarship.



If you have any questions regarding EdChoice Expansion, please reach out to Dallas Stokes, Director of Enrollment Management at stokes@bethanyschool.org, or call 513-771-7462.