Intermediate School

Third to Fifth Grade

Intermediate school students are introduced to leadership and service opportunities, which help them grow in confidence, independence, and empathy. With an increasingly rigorous academic curriculum that incorporates discussions, writing opportunities, group projects, and hands-on lab work, they are challenged to think critically and recognize how they learn.

Welcome to Bethany School, a distinguished institution with over 125 years in Cincinnati, offering an exceptional intermediate school experience. Our dedicated approach to education places us at the forefront of intermediate schools near you. Our school caters to the unique needs of students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.

Bethany offers a nurturing and safe experience, ensuring a seamless transition from private school 3rd grade to higher grades. Our commitment to excellence in education and holistic development sets Bethany apart as a leader in intermediate education.

Third Grade

As they begin to think more independently, third-graders are encouraged to recognize their own personal learning process and celebrate what makes them unique. New opportunities to become Student Council Representatives inspire them to grow as leaders, and athletic options help them learn to become team players.

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Fourth Grade

Students begin to find their purpose as they are given more opportunities to collaborate with their classmates and take on leadership roles. As students recognize their own achievements, gifts, and interests—as well as those of their peers—they build confidence, character, and respect for others.

Fifth Grade

Academic responsibilities become more rigorous for our fifth-graders, while opportunities like community service help them grow in empathy and respect for people and the world. Our dedicated teachers challenge and mentor students to think more deeply, develop and support their own opinions, and strive to create their best work as they prepare for Upper School. Our 5th grade class not only provides top-notch education but also fosters a supportive and engaging learning environment.
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Learning Through Doing

Field trips are an important part of the academic experience at Bethany School. Our middle school students participate in a variety of educational field trips and outreach programs every year to connect what they’re learning in the classroom to real-world, hands-on experiences.


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