A Gift from the Class of 2024

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Class of 2024 on your upcoming graduation.

It is a special year at Bethany School as we celebrate our 125th anniversary with the Sisters. Our theme this year has been #BethanyBeloved, which reflects our community’s commitment to becoming a beloved community.

As a tradition, 8th grade students and their families come together to give a gift to Bethany School upon graduation. The graduating 8th graders gift will be a beautiful mural on the second floor, featuring the handprints of all 8th grade students, their Kindergarten buddies, the rest of the Bethany School student body, teachers, and Sisters –  forming the word BELOVED. This will be a powerful reminder that every student is beloved by God, and together, we are a Beloved Community. The mural will symbolize unity and love.

We will take a group photo of the Class of 2024 in front of the completed mural to mark this special project, and proudly display that this is a gift from the Class of 2024. 

To make this project a reality, we need to raise $255 to cover the cost of the mural. By donating to this project, you will be part of creating a legacy for the Class of 2024 and leaving a lasting impact on the Bethany School community.

To donate, simply fill out the form below. Thank yoat