Kindergarten at Bethany School

Tailored for the Needs of Young Learners

Bethany School’s academic environment is tailored to the needs of our youngest learners, providing hands-on experiences that teach them essential skills such as following directions, working collaboratively, and using their senses to explore the world around them. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to strengthen their problem-solving abilities and early literacy skills, while hands-on projects and daily art activities promote creativity and fine motor skills. Overall, Bethany School’s environment fosters holistic development and provides the tools necessary for success in school and beyond. 

Small Class Sizes

At Bethany School, we have a student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1, and a limit of 15 students per classroom.  Our small class sizes ensure personalized learning experiences for every student, 


Our little ones at Kindergarten get the chance to dance, sing, and express themselves creatively every week during their music class, where the harmony between movement and rhythm inspires them to embrace a lifelong love of music.


Spanish classes are a fundamental part of our curriculum, as we believe multi-lingual communication skills are crucial for success in both school and life. Our approach to teaching Spanish is centered on fun and engaging activities, such as games and songs, to encourage a love of learning from a cultural perspective. Our kindergarteners have the opportunity to participate in twice-weekly Spanish classes and various activities that expose them to the language and culture in a natural and enjoyable way.


Our library is not your average quiet space. With a slide and a LEGO wall, our students are encouraged to play and explore while being surrounded by high-quality literature. Through read-alouds, author visits, reading clubs, and themed activities, students are nurtured in their love of reading and taught essential skills such as taking care of books and identifying the parts of a book.


Bethany School is located on a 23 acre campus filled with nature and beauty. Our students learn in the most energy efficient, LEED Platinum certified buildings in the Midwest. Our greenhouse, community gardens, and waste reduction programs give young students unique opportunities to learn about nature and how to be good stewards of it.


At Bethany School, our roots are grounded in Episcopal traditions, and we value respect and coexistence with all faiths. We honor the worth and beauty of every human being, and our religion classes are centered around teaching students about Bible stories and religious traditions. In addition to a weekly chapel service, students attend religion classes twice a week to foster a deeper understanding of spiritual beliefs.

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